Friday, June 29, 2012

RISE and _____________________

Do you remember the old game show, Match Game?  Contestants tried to match fill in the blank answers with celebrities.   Here's how I imagine the game show would transpire if Indiana teachers tried to match the IDOE.

Host Gene Rayburn:  Alright Indiana teachers, you just need to match the IDOE in order to win a year's worth of confidence in public education.  RISE is the name of the new evaluation plan for Hoosier teachers.  How do you think the IDOE responded:  RISE and ______________?

Indiana Teachers:   We'll guess, RISE and SHINE!
(Applause erupts from a naive audience of Hoosiers.)

Gene Rayburn:  The Indiana Teachers think you would say, it's RISE and SHINE.  Well, IDOE, do we have a match?

IDOE:  We have RISE and FALL.  It's the RISE evaluation to see the FALL of  seniority, teacher unions, skill level and ultimately Public Education.  

Gene Rayburn:  That's what makes this game so hard.  You're sure it means one thing, and all along it means something else.  Good luck, teachers.  Sounds like you're going to need it.

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