Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: It's Time to Let 'em Have It

We live in a collapsing global economy where capital seeks any opportunity for profit in a shrinking marketplace and public education offers a unique opportunity to appropriate public resources for private ends. ---Mark Naison| 
Smart people saw decades ago that changes in demographics and resources would severely limit the growth that capitalism requires.  Sacrificing public good to support continued capital growth has been part of the plan for a long time.  We are now in a zero-sum game, at least until some deus ex machina rescues us.  So,  Microsoft wins, Apple wins, Wal-Mart wins, Boeing wins, Raytheon wins, but public education LOSES. ---R Gary Valliant.

National Interest

Prom Queens & Ed Reform

With A Brooklyn Accent: Why High School Students Will Ultimately Take the Lead in Protests Against Corporate School Reform- A View From the Bronx

**The Lesson of the Cupcakes: Fix Schools by Resisting Gimmicks and Feeding Evidence

**High-Stakes Testing: Learning Improvement Tool or Corporate Boondoggle?


Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed a bill Thursday that would have forced school boards and teachers unions to consider teacher performance when making layoff decisions, rather than just seniority.

Dayton wrote in his veto letter Thursday that the bill was just one of many introduced this legislative session that was "anti-public schools, anti-public school teachers, or anti-collective bargaining rights."

New York



A state that just says ‘no’ to charters, other reforms


The Perils of Standardization Testing

Protests and Resistance
to Testing and Standardization

An open letter of concern regarding high-stakes testing and the school reform agenda of New York

How to Privatize Education in 12 easy steps The current policy “reforms” in American public education are a 21st century LAND GRAB.


PTA Encourages State and Local Chapters to Adopt National Resolution on High 

National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing

FYI: National PTA says: "For clarification – National PTA has not endorsed (and will not be endorsing) the National Resolution of High Stakes Testing. The sharing of this resolution via National PTA social media outlets was to make state and local PTAs aware of the resolution and provide them with the opportunity to learn more and officially endorse, should they feel compelled to do so." The National PTA receives generous funding from the Gates Foundation and supports RttT and testing. They even train parents to promote the testing. They are bought.

ALEC, DeVos, Rhee, Bush, Gates, Teach for America,

 and the Privatization of Public Education

ALEC puts its fangs to education

Charter Schools

**Evaluation Studies of the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance

Some will find this link from Kathryn Shively to be of interest. Dig around in here for a few minutes to see what the government is doing to follow up on the impact of its education programs. My quick reaction: We are spending millions on studies of programs where the findings are inconclusive at best and then the results of the studies have no impact on future funding of programs. Example: Two major studies show charter schools are no better than public schools but the push to develop charters continues under RttT.
 Charter Schools Research Brief from IUPUI

Higher Education

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Episode 53 of At the Chalk Face

  Episode 52 of At the Chalk Face

Detracking for Education Equity: A Lecture by Carol Burris

At the Chalkface Radio Program Bucks the Education Reform Trend


End Notes

Off the Wall: Educating Tomorrow’s Paradigm Today

In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores

Why is it so easy to rally around a billboard that puts down teachers and so hard to get people to respond to what is happening to their children and their public schools. What is the ingredient that gets them going? I really don't get why every parent and teacher we contact isn't sending the petition on to all of their friends and relatives. Do they not see what is happening in NYC, Philly, LA. NOLA, etc., etc., etc? Do they really believe it won't happen to their schools?

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